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As a non-profit organization, The Hawai'i Innocence Project relies heavily on the work of our hard-working volunteers.  No matter your educational or professional background, if you are committed to justice and have a passion for serving others, you can contribute to our mission!


Here's what a few of our volunteers have to say about their experience with us!


volunteer ATTORNEY

"As an attorney you have certain amount of power to try and right wrongs. The power can be substantial when you can convince a court that a wrong has occurred, that the prosecutor erred, that the evidence is insufficient to convict, that a mistake has been made, and most importantly that an innocent person has been prosecuted for a crime they didn't commit"

Zack naqvi

summer legal volunteer

"I joined HIP because it allowed me to use my biology background in looking at DNA evidence to help exonerate wrongly convicted individuals and because of the unique nature of the type of legal research that I expected to perform."

Brianna summers

Pre-law student volunteer

"Volunteering with HIP has taught me about justice issues that deserve far more attention than they currently receive, especially from young adults like myself. My experience with HIP has reinforced my desire to go to law school and offered valuable perspectives that I will carry with me through my legal education and career."




Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Hawai'i Innocence Project!  Please send the following information to


1. A cover letter expressing your interest in volunteering with the Hawaii Innocence Project


2.  A resume or CV


3.  Number of hours you are available to volunteer per week and a schedule of your availability


Please include the subject line "Volunteer Application for [Your Name]." Incomplete applications will not be processed.


Please allow 3-4 business days for a member of our staff to reply. We receive many volunteer/business inquiries and will respond as soon as possible! We look forward to hearing from you!






Please check back in early 2019 to apply for the

2019 - 2020 school year.

- Expert Witnesses-

We often utilize expert witnesses who are willing to work pro bono or at reduced rates, for case consultation and case analysis purposes. In addition,  we invite experts to educate our students on their particular expertise every year. 


- Attorneys & Paralegals-

If you are a legal professional, the Hawai'i Innocence Projects needs you! Our clients often have nowhere to turn or lack the resources they need to regain their freedom. You can make all the difference in their life by using your legal experience to help on case.


- Journalism  -

Behind each of our clients is an incredible story. As a journalism volunteer, you can help us uncover and write the stories of people affected by wrongful convictions so that their stories may raise awareness in our communities.


-  Photography/Videography -

Do you have skills behind a camera or with video editing? The Hawai'i Innocence Project is on the look-out for talented individuals to take photos at our various events and create promotional video material for our social media platforms.


- Graphic Design   -

Our graphic design needs range from t-shirt art to business collateral.   If you have experience in graphic design the Hawai'i Innocence Project needs you!


- Student Interns  -

We are always looking for students whose work or educational experiences align with our mission. Whether you are a current law student, pre-law student, political science major, or have experience in legislative advocacy or social science research, the Hawai'i Innocence Project can offer you a meaningful volunteer experience!

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