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how to submit a case

The Hawai'i Innocence Project as a legal non-profit clinic accepts applications from anyone who has been convicted of a crime occurring in Hawai'i AND is factually innocent of that crime.


If you believe that you were wrongfully convicted and are factually innocent, please complete HIP's application for assistance. Include as much information as you know and submit the completed application via email or mail to:


Hawai'i Innocence Project

William S. Richardson School of Law

Attn: Jennifer Brown

2515 Dole Street, Suite 255

Honolulu, HI 96822



Once your application is received, it will be assigned to a legal intern for review. HIP strives to review applications as quickly and thoroughly as possible. If we believe that we may be able to assist you, we will contact you to discuss the case and get additional information.

Click here to download

the application

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