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our mission

The Hawai'i Innocence Project is a law clinic and non-profit with a mission to free prisoners who are factually innocent but who have  been wrongfully convicted. Through the work of our volunteers, attorneys, and law students, we strive to not only exonerate the innocent but to also reform the justice system to prevent innocent people from being convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.

values that guide us


The Hawai'i Innocence Project's sole purpose is to seek justice for the wrongfully convicted and for the victims whose real perpetrator was never held accountable for their crimes.


Through investigations,
legal research, and DNA testing, we seek to right the terrible miscarriage of justice that occurs when
an innocent person languishes behind bars for a crime someone else committed.


As a legal clinic through the William S. Richardson School of Law, we seek to train law students to be passionate advocates and effective attorneys who will diligently represent their clients. Students are given the opportunity to investigate, research, and draft legal documents. Beyond practical experience, students also learn firsthand the consequences of bad lawyering and junk science


Through outreach, seminars, and presentations, we educate lawmakers, law enforcement, and the community about the causes of wrongful conviction so that we may prevent more innocent people from being falsely accused and wrongfully convicted.


The Hawai'i Innocence Project is usually the last chance the innocent and their families have to seek justice. When they come to us, the system has failed them and they
have often lost any hope of being free.
Their lives and community have suffered while they are behind bars, serving time for a crime they did not commit. Missed birthdays, anniversaries, weddings,
and funerals are just some of the consequences defendants and their families must endure.


By working to exonerate the innocent we are working to rebuild the families and communities affected
by these grave injustices.

meet our team

Our dedicated team of HIP "Freedom Fighters" come from varied backgrounds but share a common goal: to advance our mission of restoring and ensuring justice here in Hawai'i.
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students HIP
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exonerations nationwide

years of freedom lost

wrongfully incarcerated


waiting to be exonerated

(based on the estimated wrongful conviction rate of five percent of current US prison population)


hawaii innocenc project clients exonerated


Hawai'i Innocence Project

clients exonerated


days spent incarcerated by HIP clients

$ 7.6  million

spent by state of Hawai'i to wrongfully incarcerate HIP clients



nationwide exonerations

proud member of 


The Innocence Network is comprised of 69 organizations around the world.  Each year, the Hawai'i Innocence Project represents the state of Hawai'i at the Innocence Network Conference.

We also join the Innocence Network in celebrating Wrongful Conviction Day every fall (October 2nd).


By donating to the Hawai'i Innocence Project you are helping us advance the unique needs of the Hawai'i justice system and also helping contribute to justice efforts on a national level.



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